Birmingham Museums Trust’s largest ever touring exhibition, Victorian Radicals, which has been showcasing some of the finest Pre-Raphaelite works in [...]

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BMAG this winter

STYLE AND REBELLION SET TO BE EXPLORED IN NEW BIRMINGHAM EXHIBITIONS New exhibitions, opening at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG) on Saturd [...]

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Birmingham Heritage Week 2019

  12-22 September 2019  The start of a city-wide celebration of over 200 events showcasing Birmingham’s fascinating history, people and places is [...]

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Sarah Taylor Silverwood – Pastel Shades and Squiggly Lines

Tom Glover in conversation with Sarah Taylor Silverwood Language and drawing spring from the same starting point. They evolve together and exist alon [...]

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Samiir Saunders – Sincerity in Abstraction

Tom Glover in conversation with Samiir Saunders You can own art from fantastic artists such as Samiir Saunders. Fresh from a solo exhibition at Artef [...]

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Hew Locke – Here’s the Thing

Ships; Hung, painted, framed, sculpted, detailed, intricate, exquisite, deadly, transporting, invading, they form the basis of Ikon’s captivating new [...]

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INTERVIEW: Ken Banks and The Road Taken

Tom Glover in conversation with Ken Banks Everything is connected. Something has as much value as anything else. Everything happens through chance. K [...]

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Dion Kitson – On the Record/Off the Record

“Reality is absolutely real,” slurs Dion Kitson, demonstrating his finest Francis Bacon impression. Dion, like Bacon, loves the idea of the ego of th [...]

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Tess Jaray, From Outside – Reflection Within

Six monumental canvases fill a reignited space inside the art deco glory of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. Tess Jaray has created harmony between [...]

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FERROcity | A Contemporary Exhibition of Iron in the City

1st April to 18th April 2019  Opening talks and event| Wednesday 10th April 2019 18.00- 20.00 Vittoria Street Gallery is delighted to present FERROci [...]

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Leanne O’Connor and the Haunting of the Archive

Leanne O’Connor in conversation with Tom Glover Leanne O’Connor is surrounded by shards of glass, projectors, sketches, and fragmented plans for her [...]

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ODOX: Gallery, Artist Studios & Project Space – Harmony in Diversity

Occupying the ground floor of the faded Victorian splendour of the Great Hampton Works in the Jewellery Quarter, ‘Odox Arts’ reignites a forgotten sp [...]

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Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing, Exquisite Detail of the Incredible Mind

Within the sprawl of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius is on display. 12 exquisite drawings from one of the greatest [...]

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ODOX: New Gallery & Artist Studios

A new artist-run project space, contemporary gallery and studio provider has opened in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Called Odox, it will exhibit c [...]

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