Paula Gabb & Paul Turner ‘Contrasts’ Exhibition Review


In a calendar year that has been mostly rain-free, it felt like the Heavens were destined to open tonight. The first pieces of Paula Gabb’s collaborative ‘Contrasts’ exhibition are aptly photos of Moseley, with wet pavements and bruised skies – a portrayal of the grey scene on the street outside. Any resident, or visitor, to B13 knows that pubs are the central hub of Moseley’s social scene, and Paula has painted all of these popular taverns in her works.

In Paula’s Birmingham collection (situated in the entrance hall), a lady walks, often alone – sometimes with her world! suitor, with her red umbrella aloft and her red coat reflected in the puddles. There is certainly a sense of isolation in these pieces, knowing how bustling an area Moseley can be

Paula is beaming inside the main exhibition space, while her son plays rock classics on an electric guitar, and a spread of Riojas cover the drinks table. “I love Moseley,” she tells me. “There is so much creativity and energy here.” Paula is certainly right. Painting for most of Home her life from her Solihull home, she now has the time to follow her dreams and focus on art full time.

Her work is not just limited to Moseley however, or even central Birmingham’s famous cheap jerseys landmarks. Her 2 contrasting styles also capture impressionistic takes on colourful landscapes, often in transition, showing the change in seasons cheap NFL jerseys of a location on one canvass. She says “oil painting is my passion, as it enables me to That express myself in ways that otherwise would not be possible for me – due to having to deal with a lifelong lack of confidence with Dyslexia and Verbal Dyspraxia.”

Now selling her work internationally and receiving commissions, it is fair to say that Paula is enjoying her art – and hence, her life Bakery – more than ever.


The contrasting style of Paula Gabb and Paul Turner’s work penned the exhibition title of ‘Contrasts,’ wholesale NFL jerseys as their styles are very different in subject and design.


Paul (from Malvern) is exhibiting his works in monochrome scale, portraying nudes, jazz musicians cheap NBA jerseys – and cats, with an excellent use of directional light. Although Paul has been creating art as long as he can remember, he tells me that as he has matured, he works less on commissioned works and instead paints from the heart.

Paul also works in pastel, acrylics and ink covering a style range from traditional to Pop Art.


Paul and Paula met through ‘The CORE Collective’, a collection of artists in the Midlands working in all genres and medians, looking to meet and exhibit with like-minded people. As a result, Paula (from Solihull) and Paul (from Worcester) joined forces to contact and utilise The Moseley Exchange.

Like many artists, Paul & Paula found it difficult to discover the creative scene they craved, and collectives such as Core have been a huge asset in the modern cheap nba jerseys social media world.


Contrasts Exhibition is now open until 20th December at The Moseley Exchange – a co-working space, community hub and office space next to the Post Office in central Moseley.




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Owen is a professional photographer, art promoter and musician. Raised in Cambridge by an artist and an author, Owen moved to Birmingham in 2004. He has set his targets on making ArtsBrum the 'go-to' online location for art event listings is Birmingham and to set up a city-wide Open Studios annual event

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    Paula Gabb November 9, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Re: your blog

    Contrasts by “The Core Collectives” Exhibition review of last nights Opening Night.

    Many thanks for Owen coming down to visit our Art Exhibition, at Opening Night, it was lovely meeting you and sharing our thoughts about our work. We hope this won’t be the last time we meet you and hope you come to our next Exhibition next year by The Core Collectives.

    The evening was well received and attendance reach above all expectations with great thanks to “Here there be dragons” for the band were playing some wonderful rock / blues music during the night. While our visitors glaze upon our stunning art. 

    We are delighted to say paintings were sold or reserved for purchase and commissions made.

    Please come down and visit Moseley Exchange the Exhibition is on though out Nov until 20 December 2016 come and buy something for Christmas and please feel free to make further enquires with the artists Paul Turner or Paula Gabb.

    Many thanks

    Paula Gabb

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